IOI Sustain

Sustainability Overview

Here at IOI Properties Group (“IOIPG”), sustainability is pivoted at the centre of our business vision and core values. As a corporation that views sustainability as a transgenerational mission, we strive to uphold the principles of crafting sustainable developments and corporate responsibility for sustainable living of its employees, customers and communities, enhancing society well-being and advocating environmental ethics

We seek to:

  • Deliver Our Brand Promise on Reliability, Quality & Lifestyle
  • Pursue Green Efforts
  • Cultivate Safe & Work Environment
  • Commit to continually develop and invest in communities
  • Comply to legislations and regulations
  • Influence Lifestyle through Sustainability Ownership

Sustainability in IOIPG is overseen by the Board of Directors, with the CEO chairing the Sustainability Steering Committee and reporting to the Board on management of Sustainability matters within the Group. The Group Head of Sustainability who leads in driving sustainability across the Group directly reports to the CEO. The Sustainability Steering Committee is supported by the Sustainability Council which is consists of business unit heads, operation heads and subject matter experts.

Sustainability Governance Structure


We regularly engage our stakeholders in a continual and iterative manner to make informed business and management decisions. Insightful feedbacks from stakeholders are of paramount importance to the Group for continuous improvement in delivering excellent products and services. We initiated public surveys that assessed the perception of our stakeholders on sustainability. The surveys encompass the three pillars of sustainability i.e. social, economy and environment covering energy, water, waste & effluent, health & safety, labour practice, community investment, supply chain responsibility among others.

Stakeholder Engagement Method



Sustainability Strategic Framework

IOIPG embraces the spirit of Lifestyle Influencer by embarking on a group-wide approach to initiate mindset shift towards increased awareness and ownership of sustainability practices through our work culture and business strategies. Our ground efforts and initiatives are guided by the Sustainability Strategic Themes of Mindset Change, Inspiring Women, Young Urbanites and Urban Green to achieve our 4 Sustainability Goals:


Delivering Excellence

As a leading award-winning developer recognized and accorded with both local and international accolades such as StarProperty Award, The Edge Excellence Award and BCI Asia Award amongst others, we are committed to deliver value creation to our customers, local communities as well as the environment in which we operate. Our stringent in-house product quality management across all stages of construction from design and planning up to the handover of the properties to the homeowners is key to quality excellence. Under IOIPG’s Quality Management System, tenant feedback and satisfaction surveys are carried out while house buyers’ feedbacks are collected during vacant possession and whenever necessary. Our dedicated teams manage customer relations and customer satisfaction, channels feedbacks and grievances to the respective teams involved in the various stages of the property development and property investment cycle to ensure that products and services are continually improved to exceed expectations. In order to offer peace of mind to our communities, we are determined in maintaining the health and safety by implementing multi-tier security in our residential projects and having trained Auxiliary police at our managed properties.

IOIPG’s determination in preserving and maintaining the biodiversity of our townships and their adjacent areas is encapsulated in the development of Urban Green Spaces such as the Central Park that connects to the forest and canopy themed-gardens in Sierra 16 via tree-lined Parkways, the Town Park in Bandar Puteri Puchong, the ecoOasis Parkland in Bandar Puteri Bangi and the Organic Gardens in Warisan Puteri Sepang. These communal spaces enable social interactions, serve as recreational areas and is an integral part of a functional urban ecology. The Town Park sitting in the neighbourhood of Bandar Puteri Puchong is a fine example of this commitment. Its thriving aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem makes it a biodiversity hotspot that is an ideal place for local communities and nature organizations carrying out various nature appreciation and biodiversity education activities such as bird sighting, insect spotting and other environmental conservation-related activities.  IOIPG engages local authorities, government agencies and environmental NGOs in its process of implementing biodiversity conservation and preservation agenda.

Our commitment in developing sustainable living environment could be witness through implementation of plans and designs that minimize pollution and usage of resources be it energy, water or materials. As a member of REHDA, we too acknowledge the fact that climate change is happening, and we understand the need to design resilient townships.  In line with our Sustainability initiatives, IOIPG sources construction material and products locally to reduce carbon emission, harnessing natural light, adopts building North South orientation and cross ventilation designs, reducing dependency on mechanical systems, utilizes energy efficient appliances i.e. using LED compound lighting in all our townships by year 2020 and incorporating energy management systems to reduce overall energy consumption and carbon footprints. 


Caring for the Environment

In line with our Sustainability Policy in advocating environmental ethics, we strive to manage environmental impacts from all business operations, essentially on energy and water consumption, carbon emission, solid waste minimization and effluent management.  Our IOI City Tower 1 & 2 as well as PFCC Tower 4 & 5 are GBI-designed for optimal performance towards developing low carbon cities.  

In relation to energy saving and efficiency improvement, our ongoing initiatives include:

  • Chiller retrofitting
  • Conversion of luminaries to LED lightings
  • Operational Building Management System
  • Room temperature control practices & other energy savings practices by employees.

Our major water saving initiatives and innovations include:

  • Water efficient fittings such as dual flush system and low flow tabs etc.
  • Rainwater harvesting tank to reduce consumption of potable water
  • Water saving practices by employees

Besides energy saving initiatives, other implemented carbon emission mitigation initiatives include:

  • Transit oriented development
  • Bicycle sharing services in Puchong
  • Mature tree transplantation to new developments

Governed by the Group’s Waste Management Policy, IOIPG strives to reduce the environmental impact from its waste disposal through waste minimisation practices, waste diversion from landfill and effluent management, which include:

  • Waste segregation at source
  • E-copy of community magazine, “Reach Out” instead of printing hard copies
  • Garden waste composting at Palm Garden Golf Club
  • Recycling initiatives at IOI City Mall and IOI HQ
  • Fat, Oil & Grease management with constant grease trap maintenance at our malls and hotels

Creating Value for Our Employees

As employees are our most valuable resources, IOIPG strive to maintain a safe, healthy and fair work culture with emphasis on employee engagement and employee participation in the organisation’s transformational Journey of Sustainability. As we believe that people and culture contribute significantly towards our success, we participate in various workshops, conferences and forums on Human Resources matters and labour standards as well as keeping abreast with relevant laws and regulations. As member of Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF), we actively participate in MEF meetings and activities. The MEF is also member of International Organisation of Employers (IOE).

We practice equal employment opportunity and embrace diversity at workplace, in accordance to our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics. Our Sustainability Strategic Theme of Inspiring Women reflects our support of gender equality, diversity and empowerment of women at the workplace. In fact, a significant number of female employees has risen to top management level positions through their years of growth with the company.  For continual development of healthy and progressive mindsets in a competitive and equitable work environment, an awareness program on work place bullying and harassment was also attended by IOIPG managers.

A conducive work environment is maintained through regular engagement with our employees.   These employee engagement efforts are further facilitated and supported through an effective internal communication structure by the Group Corporate Communications Department spanning across the business units within the Group; in order to strive towards brand internalisation and embedding sustainability within the organization culture. The key HR policies and procedures are available in multi-languages to facilitate effective employee engagement at all levels.

At IOIPG, we believe in grooming young talents and nurturing young minds. As part of the initiatives to cultivate the young future generation and to unlock potentials, our Sustainability Strategic Theme of Young Urbanites align Internship program and Apprenticeship program to provide job exposure and working experience to undergraduates and fresh graduates. Overall, we see human capital as an important element of our business operation. The Group exceeds the national minimum wage requirement and offers one of the highest intern allowances in the country. Hence, capacity building through trainings and hands-on work exposure empower our employees.


Developing Sustainable Communities

IOIPG holds strongly to our commitment in developing and enhancing the social well-being of our communities and neighbouring societies. As part of our initiatives in realising corporate responsibilities, IOIPG invest in public amenities & infrastructure to enhance community well-being i.e. upgrading of the Bandar Puteri Puchong Interchange & the building of the Multipurpose Hall for the Bandar Puteri Puchong community.

Through Yayasan Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng, a charitable foundation established in 1994 by the founder of IOI Group, Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng, we rolled out numerous initiatives to empower the young generations by provision of scholarships and other educational aids. Another initiative by the foundation which advocates circular economy is our retail establishment, Bargain Basement where pre-loved items are sold with net proceeds going to various charities.

IOIPG also constantly engage with our local community to maintain close relationship and provide continuous support and services. The Group collaborates with British Council and Residents Associations in the IOI-Active Citizens programme to not just empathise local community needs but support the community required knowledge and facilities to address local environmental & social issues. The Group encourages volunteerism amongst employees in contributing to the society in which we operate. Our employees are encouraged to take on a selfless perspective of their role to serve a higher purpose as socially responsible individuals. In FY2017, our employees participated in various charitable running events and blood donation campaigns.

Find out more about our Journey of Sustainability from our Sustainability Report.