Developing Sustainable Communities

Enhance social well being via Community Initiatives i.e. social responsibility commitments including community investments, community development programmes for positive long term impact to society and employee volunteerism activities.

Investing in Infrastructure

IOIPG takes on an active role in supporting community and civil society organisation initiatives, investing in infrastructure and facilities that improve well-being of local communities as well as urban regeneration.

Unearthing Young Talents - Young Urbanites in Discovery

The Group recognises the importance of strategic collaboration with youth organisations to allow for active involvement of youth in assisting in specific projects; honing skills in planning, decision-making and project implementation.

Investing in Our Future

Yayasan Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng (YTSLSC)

Yayasan Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheang (YTSLSC), the foundation supported by the Group contributes financially to various schools, hospitals, welfare homes and charitable bodies, and offers scholarships and grants to students. We invest in educational and human capital development programs as we believe every child deserves equal access to education for a brighter future.

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Crossing the Finishing Line for a Good Cause

IOIPG shows our support for noble causes by funding participants and venues for various charity runs. We also believe that healthy lifestyle is part of sustainable living.

Advocating a Circular Economy

Bargain Basement, initiated by YTSLSC, is a retail store based on the concept of circular economy that encourages the public to donate their pre-loved and unused items to the store. These items are sold at a minimal cost with net proceeds being channeled to charity organisations.

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Engaging Local Communities

We work to promote equal opportunities and inspire others; especially the less fortunate to achieve their goals as we are determined to do beyond maintaining a good relationship with our communities but also able to support and inspire them to greater achievement.

The Group collaborates with British Council and Residents' Associates in the IOI-Active Citizens Waste to Treasure programme providing waste segregation facilities to community and promoting circular economy