Delivering Excellence

Achieve prominence in Products & Services Excellence to deliver our brand promise of reliability, quality, and lifestyle; and strive for responsible commercial success and sustainable business growth.

Exceeding Expectations

IOIPG believes that product Quality Management is crucial for long-term growth and business sustainability. The management system promotes continual improvement that is necessary to uphold Group's reputation as committed and responsible developer.

Our stringent in-house product quality management across all stages of construction from design and planning up to the handover of the properties to the homeowners is jey to quality excellence. Under IOIPG's Quality Management System, tenant feedback and satisfaction surveys are carried out while house buyers' feedback are collected during vacant possession and whenever necessary.


Developing Thriving Communities

IOIPG incorporates socioeconomic and environmental elements into their developments to form vibrant and thriving communities through provision of communal spaces that encourages recreational and social activities as well as habitats for urban biodiversity.

The Town Park sitting in the neighbourhood of Bandar Puteri Puchong is a fine example of this commitment. It’s thriving aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem makes it a biodiversity hotspot that is an ideal place for local communities and nature organisations carrying out various nature appreciation and biodiversity education activities such as bird-sighting, insect spotting and other environmental conservation-related activities. IOIPG engages local authorities, government agencies and environmental NGOs in its process of implementing biodiversity conservation and preservation agenda.


Developing Sustainable Living Environment

IOIPG acknowledges that climate change is happening and the urgent need to design resilient townships. Our commitment in developing sustainable living environment could be witness through implementation of plans and designs that minimize pollution and usage of resources be it energy, water or materials. As a member of REHDA, we too acknowledge the fact that climate change is happening, and we understand the need to design resilient townships. Various passive and active designs have been integrated into IOIPG;s developed and managed properties in order to encourage sustainable lifestyle by providing natural lighting and ventilation, improving water conservation and incorporating energy management systems to reduce overall energy consumption and carbon footprints

Optimising Use of Material

IOIPG incorporates system formwork into their construction wherever possible. The use system formwork promotes material efficiency, decreases wastage and defects and increases work quality.