Caring for the Environment

Uphold environment ethics through Green Efforts e.g. energy management, water conservation, emission and water reduction as well as care for the environment towards sustainability for future generations.


Effective energy management is one of the strategies to reduce energy consumption in buildings managed by IOIPG. The energy management is guided by energy policy which includes the implementation of energy efficient measures to improve cost efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emission.

Our ongoing initiatives include:

  • Chiller reftrofiting
  • Conversion of luminaries to LED lightings
  • Operational Building Management System is in place at all commercial buildings that are managed by facilities management teams to improve energy efficiency
  • Room temperature control practices and other energy savings practices by employee


IOIPG is committed to reduce water wastage and utilize water responsibly and efficiently. Our water consumption management approach is communicated to employees as well as to tenants, customers and guests.

Our ongoing initiatives include:

  • Rainwater harvesting tank to reduce consumption of potable water
  • Water saving practices by employee


Acknowledging carbon emision from business operations contributes to climate change, IOIPG implements various initiatives to reduce carbon emission.

Our on going initiatives include:

  • Transit-oriented development
  • Bicycle sharing services in Puchong
  • Mature tree plantation to new developments

This year, we have set the long term scope 2 carbon emissions intensity reduction target at 18%.
(Note: from FY2021 to FY2028 with FY2020 as the base year)

Waste & Effluent

IOIPG’s employee are guided by the Group’s Waste Management Policy where reducing waste is a priority before recycling and disposal. Various initiatives on waste minimisation and upcycling has been rolled out to minimise waste at sources.

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