Our Initiatives

IOI Connects to Earth

IOI Connects to Earth is an umbrella campaign by IOI Properties Group (IOIPG) to create awareness on climate change mitigation and adaptation and biodiversity conservation. The campaign focuses on capacity building of our employees and our local community through pocket talks and workshops. we also invest in community programmes that are aligned to our campaign in schools and neighbourhoods within our townships.

This campaign aims to broaden the basis for an enlightened opinion and responsible conduct by individuals, enterprises and communities in conserving and enhancing the environment. Many of our community investments are directed to the young people in our communities - children and youth.

This campaign is an expansion from the "Nip it! at the source" campaign to minimise waste - food, single-use plastic, e-waste and textile waste. At IOIPG, we believe waste minimisation will positively impact the accelerated climate change and lost of biodiversity. Hence, much emphasis is given to generating awareness, increasing public participation and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Theses efforts project our Sustainability Strategic Themes of Mindset Change, Young Urbanites and Urban Green to introduce the spirit of sustainability and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.



NIP It! at the source

IOIPG organised its maiden campaign themed “NIP it! at the source” across business units within the Group to create awareness on waste minimisation at the source. The sustainability campaign reached out to employees and the public, focusing on four major areas comprising of food waste, single-use plastic, clothes and e-waste.

IOIPG organised its maiden campaign themed “NIP it! at the source” in 2018. The campaign focused on four major areas comprising of food waste, single-use plastic, clothes, and e-waste. In order to keep the awareness levels going, collection bins for e-waste and pre-loved items were placed at IOI City Mall to encourage the public to dispose of their e-waste responsibly and donate their preloved items. Tent cards reminding customers to plan their meals and order appropriate amount of food to avoid food wastage were displayed in food and beverage outlets in the malls and hotels.

During the IOI Sustain Day, children and families signed up for fun upcycling workshops and talks throughout the event. IOIPG also collaborated with various NGOs and social enterprises as well as sustainability focesd business associates in making the event a success.

On this day, pre-loved items are collected and donated to Bargain Basement, a social enterprise under Yayasan Tan Sri Lee Chin Cheng. These items are available on sale and the net proceeds go to charity. Apart from contributing to circular economy, this noble effort by Bargain Basement with outlets located at IOI City Mall and IOI Mall Puchong helps to reduce waste from entering landfills as well as reducing usage of raw materials in producing new products.