Terms and Conditions

  1. The referral program is open to all Malaysian aged 18 and above. Malaysian public, all permanent and contract employees of IOI Properties Group (except employee who is on commission basis such as Sales Executive & Sales Manager) who are based in Malaysia and IOI LiVO members of IOI Properties Group are eligible to participate in this program (the “referrer”).
  2. The referrer must ensure that the referred customer has given his/her consent prior to disclosing the referred customer’s personal particulars for the purpose of the program. In this respect, the company shall have the right to disclose the referrer’s name if the referred customer requests for the introducer’s identity. The referrer shall at all times indemnify and keep the company indemnified from any claims, demands, suits or action initiated by the referred customer against the company due to the disclosure of the referred customer’s personal particulars.
  3. The referral fee will be payable by electronic transfer or any mode of payment as the company shall deem fit and shall not be exchangeable with any form of payment. Any request for a change of mode of payment will not be entertained.
  4. The referral fee is strictly and exclusively rewarded to the referrer only and cannot be redeemed, assigned or transferred to any other person or third parties.
  5. The company shall not be liable or responsible for any taxation imposed or to be collected by the appropriate authorities out of or in connection to the reward of the referral fee to the referrer.
  6. The program shall not be combined with any other referral program currently organized by the company.
  7. Failure to observe and comply with any of the stipulated terms and conditions herein by the referrer shall automatically disqualify such referrer from the participation of the program.
  8. The company shall have the absolute right to amend, vary, add or omit at any time or from time to time as the company may deem fit, including the absolute right to suspend, withdraw or cancel the program. The referrer shall not hold the company responsible and shall keep the company indemnified against any loss incurred or damages suffered by the referrer or any other third parties due to the referrer’s participation in this program.
  9. The company has the absolute and final decision on all matters relating to the program including but not limited to the interpretation of the terms and conditions stipulated and any correspondence or attempt to dispute such decision shall not be entertained.
  10. Existing IOI LiVO members who are entitled for property discount are not eligible as the ‘referred customer’ for the referral program.