IOI Hackathon

IOI Hackathon

IOI Hackathon is credited as the 1st open innovation proptech hackathon in Malaysia.  

For those of you wondering what a hackathon is, it is generally defined as a sprint-like event in which  computer programmers, software developers, designers and others collaborate intensively over a short  period on a software project. 

Therefore, when IOI Properties announced its first IOI Hackathon project under its Live.Life! brand  campaign on 25th June 2020, the property industry buzzed with excitement. As a reputable company  and an industry leader, the community knew something was brewing to shake up the industry. 

“Well, digitalization is inevitably changing the business models. Even the traditional property industry is being forced to embrace this change. Hence, to move forward, we need to shake up and disrupt the industry with digital innovation. We are constantly looking for real digital solutions and ideas to transform and revolutionize the industry! We want to improve the lifestyle of our residents, community, colleagues and business partners. As well as support young talents to pursue their ideas,” says Jason Tie, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer.

IOI Hackathon kicked off on 25th June 2020 with a call for registration online. Just within minutes of  its announcement on social media platforms, the posts garnered much interest and became the talk  within the tech community. On 17th July 2020 when registration closed, IOI Hackathon had received  64 teams registered as participants with each participating team having 3 members (a pre-set criteria).

The total prize money offered was RM35,000 in cash, one of the best offered for local hackathons. For  the 3 top original winning ideas will further be supported with funding, business advise mentorship and  test beds for incubator or accelerator programmes with promising ideas or projects. 

Unlike other hackathons, IOI Hackathon was unique because it is conducted in a hybrid model of  Virtual Hackathon and Pitching on stage for the Top 10 post-MCO period. 

From 17th July to 25th July 2020, our talented and eager participants had just one week to come up with  a tech-based solution to the property market’s deep-seated problems. They were tasked to develop and  build a software solution to either boost the sector’s image or improve the quality of the property industry. 

For one week, all 64 teams were coached by best mentors from various field of expertise such as Stanley  Seow (IoT & Hackathon Specialist), Edward Chin (Founder, Actualize Hub), Aaron Sarma (MDEC &  ScaleUp Malaysia), Arvind Patmarajah (StartFund), Dr. Lau Cher Han (Data Scientist), Harpreet Singh 


(Blockchain Expert, Blocklime), Ikhwan Nazri (CEO of Amanz Media), Izwan Zakaria (Lawyer  Specialised in Tech and Start Ups), Syed Muzani (Senior Developer and Serial entrepreneur) to guide  the teams in the right direction, and help them produce a solid project. 

Out of the many entries that we received, these were the top 10 finalist that were selected to battle out  in the finals. 

IOI Hackathon Finalists

  1. Brass 
  2. Green Phoenix 
  3. Hack Over Flow 
  4. Hi Tech Tenancy 
  5. Invictus – Propty 
  6. Live Tour 
  7. Prop Analytica 
  8. Prop Boss 
  9. Syntax Core 
  10. The Future of Housing 

The IOI Hackathon Grand Finals held on 1st August 2020 at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel showcased great  talents and inspiring creativity in action as our top 10 tech wizards grouped into teams to work on their  ideas. They presented some great ideas.  

The winning entry was Green Phoenix. The 1st runner up was Prop Analytica and 2nd Runner Up is Prop Boss. And seven teams received a merit token of RM500 each. 

IOI Hackathon marks the first event activation under the IOI Properties’ LIVE.LIFE! brand campaign. It is a campaign curated for millennials to engage with the younger generation of today. IOI Properties wants to disrupt their lives to instil passion, build confidence and define characters. Because they are the future as we see today, and tomorrow, our future will be in their hands as they will be our leaders.