IOI City Mall’s GBI Certification Accelerates IOIPG’s ESG Commitment

PUTRAJAYA: IOI Properties Group's (IOIPG) IOI City Mall has received the Green Building Index (GBI) certification under Non-Residential Existing Building (NREB), accelerating the group's environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitment. 

The award-winning IOI City Mall is the largest in Malaysia and it is anchored in the heart of IOI Resort City, Putrajaya. 

GBI is Malaysia’s first comprehensive green rating system developed by Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM) and the Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia (ACEM). It evaluates the environmental design and performance of Malaysian buildings based on criteria such as energy efficiency, indoor environment quality, sustainable site planning and management, materials and resources, water efficiency and innovation. 

Over the years, regulators and investors have been increasing their expectations of businesses to enhance their ESG performance while mall tenants and customers have become more aware of the importance of sustainable business practices. Subsequently, these greater expectations among stakeholders have accelerated a shift towards a greener and more resilient economy for businesses worldwide as businesses are more resilient if ESG risks and opportunities are well-managed. Integrating sustainability in business operations is a journey and the Group has aligned its overall strategy and sustainability efforts to meet evolving regulatory requirements and increasing stakeholder expectations.  

IOIPG has implemented ESG initiatives across its business segments. The group will be prioritising the integration of green building design into its developments. It will also be adopting the Low Carbon Cities Framework across our developments.  

“The GBI certification of IOI City Mall marks an exciting milestone in our Sustainability Journey for IOI Properties Group. It reflects the group’s commitment to operate responsibly, minimising our impact on the environment, as we continue to enhance our value proposition while safeguarding the environment for future generations,” said IOIPG chief executive officer Datuk Voon Tin Yow.  

To conserve energy, IOI City Mall utilises high-performance glass and wall material to reduce heat buildup. Apart from that, its double roof design, covered by mechanical and electrical equipment rooms as well as solar PV panels reduces heat transfer. Additionally, the mall uses a thermal energy storage (TES) system, which is a highly energy-efficient cooling system that chills water during non-operational hours. In addition, IOI City Mall leverages on renewable energy with the installation of a solar PV system that has contributed towards the lowering of energy emissions. In FY2022, we managed to reduce carbon emissions equivalent to 2,727.42 tCO2/year. 

Meanwhile, IOI City Mall conserves water with water-saving features installed at public toilets along with the installation of water sub-meters to monitor for leakages, minimising water wastage. IOI City Mall emphasises on maintaining indoor environmental quality as well as ensuring that the air-conditioning system provides fresh air, thermal comfort as well as optimum lighting. 

As an environmentally-conscious shopping and lifestyle destination, IOI City Mall has also committed to reducing pollution and lowering its carbon footprint. It offers a bus terminal facility within its premises to encourage the use of public transport. IOI City Mall has further reduced carbon emissions by equipping its car park facility with a parking guidance system to speed up parking time which reduces emissions. In addition, a ticketless Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) system also eliminates paper wastage. Furthermore, the parking facility also provides electric vehicle charging stations to encourage the use of electric vehicles. 

“GBI is proud of IOIPG’s commitment towards the green industry, which augurs well for a sustainable and environment-friendly built environment for the present and future generations of the country,” said Green Building Index Accreditation Panel (GBIAP) chairman Serina Hijjas. 

“GBI acknowledges the enormous efforts of IOI City Mall’s focus towards achieving energy efficiency and CO2 reduction,” she added. 

The certification of IOI City Mall as a green building is a recognition of IOIPG’s continuous efforts to minimise the impact on the environment. This is in line with the Group’s vision as a Trusted brand that creates sustainable value for stakeholders. It demonstrates our commitment to building sustainable communities and leading the way as a responsible steward of the environment. 

Source: StarProperty