8 Treasure Yee Sang at The Eatery, Four Points by Sheraton Puchong

Posted on: 09 Jan, 2019

It’s that time of the year again to get the boys to help me in the kitchen churning out delectable cookies for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

After all the slogging in the kitchen, the boys got a well-deserved break to sample Eight-Treasure Yee Sang at Four Points by Sheraton Puchong.


The Eatery

1201, Tower 3,
Puchong Financial Corporate Centre (PFCC),
Jalan Puteri 1/2,
Bandar Puteri, Puchong,
Selangor 47100

Tel: 03-5891 8888

The chefs at Four Points by Sheraton’s signature restaurant, The Eatery have prepared a myriad of mouth-watering dishes including the bountiful Eight-Treasure Yee Sang.

The Eight-Treasure Yee Sang claims the throne as the star of the festive spread as it is filled with selection of healthy shredded treasures, smoked salmon, crispy fish skin, clams and jellyfish. 

The red dragon fruit sauce coupled with plum sauce give the yee sang a refreshing fruity flavor.

The boys tossing to good health and prosperity. One serving of this delicious and appetizing yee sang is definitely not enough. We kept going for more.

This delightful Eight Treasure Yee Sang is also available for takeaways starting at RM60 nett per platter. 

THREE festive set menus are available for intimate family gathering as well as reunion of acquaintances: Spring & Happiness Set (RM1,588+), Everlasting Prosperity Set (RM1,788+) and Wealth & Fortune Set (RM2,088+).

Herbal Silkie Chicken Broth with Sun Dried Scallop in Whole Coconut

Silkie chicken, also known as black bone chicken (乌骨鸡 in Chinese) is an ideal ingredient for healthy soup. Its vast benefits suitable for children and adults makes it a perfect choice for Chinese New Year reunion dinner which usually brings together both the young and old. 

Little Ayden loves the herbal silkie chicken soup and drank every single drop of it.

Baked Asparagus and Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Rolls in Tangy Torch Ginger infused Plum Sauce

The tangy torch ginger infused plum sauce compliments this chicken dish very well working on our appetite for more. 

Tiger Prawns Tossed with Vietnamese inspired Tangerine-Lemongrass Sauce

Tangy and citrusy, the prawns disappeared in record time proving how much the crowd loves this dish of happiness. 

Wok Fried Pearl Grouper Fillets with Spicy Chili Paste, Celery and Lily Bulbs in basket

Succulent grouper fillets are easy to eat and would have been very popular with children if not for it being spicy. Deliciously suitable for adults. However you may want to opt for different type of sauce if there are children dining together. 

A healthy dish for health and prosperity; this Sun Dried Oysters, Mexican Clams, Pacific Clams, Bamboo Pith and Shiitake Mushroom wrapped in Beancurd Skin drizzle with Black Moss sauce is popular with the young and old. 

If you still have space in your tummy by now, you’ll love this comforting Smoked Chicken and Dried Shrimp Fried Rice in Pumpkin.

Refreshing Aloe Vera, Crystal Pear, Dried Longan and Red Dates in Rock Sugar syrup to wrap up a hearty meal. 

A must-have for every Chinese New Year reunion feast – Crispy Deep Fried Chinese Brown Sugar Cake and Coconut Coated Glutinous Rice Mango Balls

Besides sitting through a 9-course meal, diners may also opt for an opulent reunion dinner BUFFET special on the 4 February 2019 with fresh seafood, Peking duck carvings, crabs with mantao and many more. Priced at RM148nett per person with 50% discount for children from 4-11 years old. 

Chinese New Year Highlights

9-course Festive Set Menu (per table of 10 persons)

Spring & Happiness Set (RM1,588+) 
Everlasting Prosperity Set (RM1,788+) and 
Wealth & Fortune Set (RM2,088+).


Reunion Dinner at The Eatery (4 February 2019)

RM148 nett per person (50% discount for kids 4-11 years old)

Fortune Buffet Dinner (7 Jan – 28 February 2019)

RM128 nett per person (50% discount for kids 4-11 years old)

Hi-Tea Buffet (5 February 2019)

RM118 nett per person (50% discount for kids 4-11 years old)

The Eatery at Four Points by Sheraton Puchong is children friendly with a little corner for the little ones to play while the parents dine peacefully. Ayden spent most of his time here as he gets restless waiting through a 9-course dinner.

For more information and reservations, please call Four Points by Sheraton Puchong, tel 03-5891 8855 or email: