Bandar IOI Segamat will welcome a new medical facility, creating value for the community 

IOI Properties Group (IOIPG) has entered into an agreement with Oriental Medical Segamat (OMS) for the sale of a 4.84-acre freehold land located within Bandar IOI Segamat. The Group is pleased that OMS has chosen Bandar IOI Segamat as the preferred location for its newest medical facility.

Bandar IOI Segamat, a well-planned 607-acre integrated development with a gross development value of RM1.3 billion, consists of an East Precinct and its extension, the North Precinct.  Upon its completion by the end of 2023, the East Precinct will be providing 5,000 housing units to accommodate a population of approximately 25,000 people and it is expected to be a thriving business and residential hub. 

Meanwhile, with the overall development of East Precinct nearing completion, IOIPG has started its expansion into the 112-acre North Precinct.  Once fully developed, we anticipate an additional 1,200 residential and commercial units within the North Precinct which will benefit from the spillover effects from the more matured East Precinct.

Oriental Medical Segamat is a subsidiary of Melaka Straits Medical Centre Sdn Bhd which is majority owned by Oriental Holdings Bhd (OHB).  The land located within the East Precinct of Bandar IOI Segamat marks the proposed development by OMS of a new hospital. This seeks to expand OHB’s network of healthcare services from Klebang, Melaka to Segamat, Johor and will be OHB’s second hospital venture to complement its flagship hospital, Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Centre at Klebang, Melaka.  

“Bandar IOI Segamat provides OMS with a strategic and accessible location as it is only a short drive away from the town centre and it leverages on Segamat District’s connectivity to federal and state road networks.  Segamat District is home to matured residential areas with an estimated population of 185,000 people served by existing facilities and amenities,” said Dato’ Voon Tin Yow, CEO of IOIPG.

He further added, “The addition of a new medical centre in Bandar IOI Segamat unlocks the potential of this integrated development. It will provide connectivity and open doors for other businesses to thrive not only within our development but to surrounding communities within the district as well.”

“Bandar IOI Segamat is chosen as we see a lot of potential for further growth in this area. It is   an ideal strategic location, with good accessibility to surrounding catchment areas of Segamat District.  I remember I first visited this Bandar IOI Segamat land in February 2020 just before the Covid pandemic, and recently again in June 2022, my gut feelings have only become stronger that this place will flourish,” said Dr. Tan Hui Ling, Managing Director of Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Centre and Oriental Medical Segamat.

Bandar IOI Segamat prioritises community well-being and welcomes the addition of OMS to complement Segamat District’s existing healthcare infrastructure.  

This emphasis on community well-being by IOIPG demonstrates its commitment towards building thriving and sustainable communities.