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Do you have what it takes to become a FIFA21 legend? Enter the IOI E-Sport FIFA21 Challenge to find out. Just register and win to make history. 

Get ready to score from 18th - 25th October 2020

Register & select tournament date
before 17 Oct 2020. Participate for free.

Participant will receive confirmation email after successfully registered & received tournament invitation link (telegram group).

Participant will need to check-in to the telegram group & ready to compete on their selected tournament date.

RM10,000 Cash Prize Up For Grabs

Champion RM5,000
1st Runner-up RM2,500
2nd Runner-up RM1,000
4th Place RM500
5th - 8th Place RM250

What's More

Other than FIFA21 Challenge, stay tuned and watch live sharing given by Luqman Haziq whereby he will share his experience of becoming a pro gamer.
Fret not, you can even win a chance to play against Luqman! What you need to do is just WATCH the live streaming, LIKE, SHARE and TAG 3 of your friends and drop you PSN ID in comment section. Luqman will choose those who are eligible and accept their challenge.

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FIFA21 Match Schedule

18 October - 1vs1 Online Friendlies Mode (1st Qualifier)

10:30 am Check-in session
11:00 am Round 1
12:00 pm Round 2
01:00 pm - Break -
02:00 pm Round 3
03:00 pm Round 4
04:00 pm Round 5
05:00 pm Round 6
06:00 pm End of Tournament

21 October - Challenge The Champ X Luqman (Day 1)

08:00 pm - 10:00 pm

22 October - Challenge The Champ X Luqman (Day 2)

08:00 pm - 10:00 pm

23 October - 1vs1 Online Friendlies Mode (2nd Qualifier)

08:00 pm Check-in session
08:30 pm Round 1
09:30 pm Round 2
10:30 pm Round 3
11:30 pm End of Day 1

24 October - 1vs1 Online Friendlies Mode (2nd Qualifier)

08:00 pm Check-in session
08:30 pm Round 4
09:30 pm Round 5
10:30 pm End of Day 2

25 October - 1vs1 Online Friendlies Mode (Grand Final)

07:00 pm Casters Ready
07:30 pm Check-in session
08:30 pm Round 1 (Top 16)
09:15 pm Round 2 (Quarter Final)
10:00 pm Round 3 (Semi Final)
10:45 pm Grand Final

Tournament Flow

Tournament Bracket

Know Before You Go

Know Before You Go

By entering and participating in the Competition, each Player, as defined below, unconditionally accept and agree to comply with and abide by these Official Rules and Regulations (the "Competition Rules"). Each player is advised to carefully review these rules and regulations below. By signifying your acknowledgement and acceptance of the matters set out in this document, it is deemed that you have read, understood and explicitly agreed to be bound by these rules and regulations and further agree that decisions made by IOI Properties Group Berhad in relation to every aspect of this competition, including any determination is final, binding and conclusive.

This esports tournament use EA Sports FIFA21 online mode against another player on Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) console in a skill-based format. This esports tournament will run from 18th – 25th October 2020 via online match making. Participants in this tournament is subject to these rules and regulations. Organiser reserves the right to amend these rules from time to time, including the schedule and because of any direction from the authority.

The following dates will apply to the Competition:



Online Platform

FIFA21 1vs1 Online Friendlies Mode (1st Qualifier)

18 October 2020


Challenge the Champ X Luqman (Day 1)

21 October 2020

Challenge The Champ X Luqman (Day 2)

22 October 2020

FIFA21 1Vs1 Online Friendlies Mode (2nd Qualifier)

23 October 2020

24 October 2020

FIFA21 1Vs1 Online Friendlies Mode (Grand Final)

25 October 2020

  1. Only players from Malaysia and with valid Malaysia Identity Card number are eligible to participate in this tournament.
  2. Players need to own or have access to FIFA 21 on Sony PlayStation PS4 and have a valid PSN ID and active PS PLUS subscription.
  3. To enter the qualifier round, participants must:
    1. Register using the registration link provided
    2. Only after all the above steps are followed, is the player qualified to enter the qualifier.
  4. Once successfully registered, participant will receive notifications and updates via email or phone. We reserve the right to reject your application to participate for any reasons whatsoever at our sole and absolute discretion.
  5. Player can only enter (1) slot per qualifier. Same player can enter both qualifiers.

The following prizes will apply to the Competition:

Standing Cash Prizes
Champion RM5,000
1st Runner-up RM2,500
2nd Runner-up RM1,000
4th Place RM500
5th - 8th Place RM250


  1. Before entering the tournament, all players MUST make sure YOU have your own PlayStation 4 set up, FIFA21 game title, valid PSN ID and active PS PLUS subscription in order to take part in the 1vs1 online qualifier.
  2. All players must have completed check in before tournament start time. Players must check in 60mins before gaming start time and to ensure that you have set up and ready for the competition. Players who fail to check in will be disqualified.
  3. Upon completing check in, players should ensure that all necessary gaming set up are checked to ensure a smooth gaming competition. Players are also requested to add your first opponent before competition starts.
  4. Once the gaming kicks off, all players must check in to each match within 10 minutes or you may receive a match loss. (no excuses of emergencies are entertained to delay any matches).
  5. Players must begin your match within 10 minutes of the round pairings going online. (no excuses of emergencies are entertained to delay any matches).
  6. Players must report their score within 5 minutes of the match finishing (via Telegram).
  7. Players must report to admin at least 60 minutes before tournament start time via Telegram if they are dropping from the tournament.
  8. Every game must be recorded using the built-in recording functions on PlayStation 4 One to be used in case of a dispute. Footage must be saved until the end of the tournament.
  9. PS4 - Double Click the Share button at the beginning of the game and again at the end to record the game.
  10. Players must take a screenshot of the final score screen of each individual game showing the 90:00 play time and send to the admin (via Telegram Group). (This will be on record use for the judges discretion in case of any score disputes).
  11. All time will be following GMT +8 (Malaysia Time).
  12. Gameplay setting need to be set as follows (it’s best you have 60minutes before competition time to do all this):
    1. You must play your opponent through the Online Friendlies section in the main menu under Online segment.
    2. Competitors will need to add each other as friends on PSN, it may take a few minutes for your friends list to update and show up on the Online Friendly section (please restart the game if the opponent’s name is not appeared on the list) .
    3. To do this go to Online -> Online Friendlies -> Select Your Opponent.
    4. All games will use Online Friendly with these settings, including
      • Half Length: 5 Minutes
      • Control: Any
      • Game Speed: Normal
      • Pause Rules governed by in-game mechanics
      • Club only
      • Please ensure your PSN ID appears/shows ONLINE
  13. The format of qualifier/grand final will be as follows:
    1. Players will compete in knock-out round format using Home and Away rules. Which means each player will play 2 rounds.
    2. Player name that appears first will need to invite the opponent (name that is on top of other players in the bracket).
    3. There will be NO ‘away goal’ rules applied in this tournament.
    4. The winner will be based on aggregate (number of goals) score.
    5. If the aggregate is a tie, player need to play the third match using ‘Golden Goal’ rules.
    6. Each player will play 2 games which is “Home” and “Away”. Players must send the total of their HOME game and AWAY game score, and, to report/forward the goal scores via Telegram to the Admin. Admin will update the score on the system.
    7. Each player that loses the round will be knocked out from the tournament and the winners proceed to the next round.
    8. Players are requested to update the result using the format as stated:
      • Round(?)
      • Match number(?)
      • Player A(Score ?)
      • Player B(Score ?)
      • Winner of the round(Player A/B)
  14. In case there is connection issues during the match, players will need to follow the following steps:
    1. If and only if in the case of connection issues, players will have at maximum 20 minutes to reconnect to their opponent and resume playing.
    2. In the event, a player cannot connect to the opponent who have invited them when starting a game lobby earlier, are now advised to swap invite – meaning, the invited player can now invite the player who has invited them earlier. Players are allowed to swap invites if they are experiencing connection issues.
    3. If neither player can successfully invite the other, players must contact tournament admins via Telegram and BOTH players must restart their internet modem or router (if connected) and console and then attempt again.
    4. Player need to show their internet connectivity upon admin request.
    5. Even after contacting admin and trying all means to solve connectivity issues, and if the problem could not be resolved and continues for 30 minutes, then, the tournament admin will assign a loss to both the players concerned.
    6. Please make sure you are using NAT TYPE 2 internet connectivity in order to connect with the opponent. (if your internet is NAT TYPE 3, please find alternative way to connect to the game such as using hotspot, otherwise the player with NAT TYPE 3 will be DQ).
    7. Player need to keep updating the marshal if there are any delay/issue with the match (DQ will happen if there are no updates and the match time has already passed the schedule).
  15. If disconnection happen during the game, player need to follow these steps:
    1. If a Competitor intentionally disconnects from the game and is not able to reconnect to the game, then a loss will be given to that Competitor.
    2. Referee will determine in its sole and absolute discretion whether a disconnect was intentional.
    3. If a Competitor unintentionally disconnects from the game and is not able to reconnect to the game, the Referee will determine if the match state can be restored to a similar point.
    4. If the match cannot be restored, then the Referee will decide how to restart the game.
    5. Example: A Competitor disconnects at the 50th minute (during in-game time). The score of the game was 2-1. The Referee will instruct the game to resume in 1st half with the implied score to be 2-1 and the implied half to be the 2nd. The Competitors will play until half time to determine the result.
  16. Players who have registered will be randomly divided to 2 different qualifiers. Each qualifier will consist of 256 participants. Each participant is required to have stable internet connection and able to do ‘DISCORD’ call and live broadcast to your own YouTube channel or Twitch channel (as the feed will be used for live streaming). For all players in the GRAND FINALS, this rule is compulsory. The medium of communication will be TELEGRAM group set by the organiser. Each participant must join the group to get the latest info regarding the tournament. Organiser will not be responsible if players are not receiving any latest update because of your individual Telegram notification setting or chose not to participate as group in the Telegram. Organiser will only communicate all information and updates via Telegram and will inform players of changes to the communication channel (if any).
  1. IOI PROPERTIES GROUP & GAMESBOND reserves the right to exclude individual Players for a significant reason. A significant reason may exist if a player violates the rules of the game and/or the Code of Conduct in Appendix A. This may include, but is not limited to:
    1. using any cheats, hacks or other third party "helper" applications in playing games.
    2. violating anti-doping or anti-betting regulations.
    3. intentionally disconnecting from the internet during any game.
    4. colluding with other players in playing games; or
    5. taking advantage of known exploits in the game (it is the responsibility of players to understand and avoid all current illegal exploits).
    6. abusive or disorderly behaviour, including any use of harassing, negative, or profane language online or offline, will not be tolerated and will also constitute grounds for immediate disqualification.
  2. All the prizes will be dispersed within 1 to 2 months after the tournament ends. Winners are requested to give correct contact details to ease the process.
  3. Arriving 5 minutes later than the scheduled match may result in a match forfeit and disqualified from the tournament at the discretion of the organizer. The opponent will be awarded a default 3-0 win.
  4. If player(s) want to withdraw from the tournament for any reason at any stage during the match rounds:
    • No slot(s) transfer or substitute with other player is allowed.
    • Opponent will be given a win with 0-3 score.
  5. Organizer have the rights to change the tournament format, rules, game format, prizes, time, venue, date, etc. without giving any prior notice before, during or after the tournament is over.
  6. In an event of any dispute during the tournament, the decision made by the organizer will be final and absolute.
  7. An official match may only be started when the tournament officials have given the signal to start it. Any match started without approval of a tournament official will be considered as a non-official match.
  8. Tournament flow will follow the CHALLENGE system. Please check the link provided.
  9. Player have the right to do protest for any rules and score reported, but only valid within 30 minutes after your respective group stage is completed/finished.
  10. Players are required to check the setting before starting the match. The marshal has the right to stop the match (and take the current score) if they check and find the setting of a player’s match is not according to the rules.

You acknowledge that you may be photographed and filmed throughout the Competition. You agree and consent that any images or videos taken during the Competition will be used by IOI Properties Group Berhad to promote this event, any future events, in press releases, printed publicity and across all digital marketing platforms.

We reserve the rights to postpone or cancel the Competition without prior notice. If the Competition is postponed or cancelled, the announcement will be posted on the Website accordingly and via Telegram.

Personal data of Players will be processed by (or on behalf of) this tournament organiser, only for the purpose of organizing, running and monitoring to publish the Champion’s name within the league table and in other media in connection with the tournament, and to perform the rights granted to organiser under these terms and conditions of participation. Data will be used to promote other tournament in the future. For more info, please refer to website:

  1. Treat e-sports event as any other real sports events.
  2. Show high sportsmanship spirit and supports the participants in the spirit of “Malaysian-hood”.
  3. Respect each other regardless of their gender, race, clan, religion or nationality.
  4. Respect and follow the scheduled time, so the tournament can be proceeded flawlessly.
  5. Tournament schedules will use the organizer’s time schedule, not the time on the participant's watch.
  6. Double check the game setting before starting any matches.
  7. Any team that substitute their player during the tournament will result in disqualification.
  8. Any question on the game technicalities? WhatsApp or call us at:
    • 011 391 47521 | LIEY 
    • 012 645 1625 | ARIS
  9. You are required to submit your application form via the Website:
  10. You are required to submit further enquiries via email: [email protected]