Do you know any senior citizen who is still active and has vast experience?

What about still wanting to work and contribute to society?

If you know of anyone, why not get them to join us.

Let them give their best to society at their golden age!

Our Mission

Our Mission

To promote the total well-being of seniors, specifically their vocational, financial and psycho-social health.

Provide a platform for seniors to contribute to the society.

Create long-term positive impact for the senior community.

Trusted to build sustainable communities.

Available Positions

Available Positions

IOI City Mall

1. Chief Engineer

2. HT Chargeman 33kw

3. Plumber

4. Technician (Civil)

1. Account Executive

1. Tenancy Admin

1. Safety & Health Officer

1. Fit Out Executive

1. Advertising & Promotion Executive

2. Senior Executive, Loyalty Program & E-commerce

IOI Mall Puchong

1. Car Park Cashier

1. Security Guard

1. Complex Manager

IOI Kulai Mall

1. Operations Manager cum Chargeman (11kw)


We do welcome applications for other roles for future considerations.

Submit your resume today!

Department / Area Interested In
Personal Particulars
Marital Status
How many children do you have?
Are you suffering from any physical disabilities or have ever been seriously ill?
Have you ever been convicted for a criminal offence, declared bankrupt, revoked of professional practicing license/certificate and/or charged in court? If yes, please state offence and date of conviction and discharge.
Do you have any relatives or friends working in IOI or its subsidiaries? If so, please state name and relationship.
Do you have any active interest in any business undertaking, including family business, political involvement or any part-time jobs? If yes, please state out the active interest in any business undertaking.
Any relatives involved directly or indirectly in similar company’s business?
Are you holding any responsible positions in a club, institution or association?
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