IOI Properties Showcase


Step One:

IOI GATHERS prospects together using its online and other marketing platforms to form the Groups.



Step Two:

A Group is formed when the minimum number* of prospects are gathered.

*Minimum number of prospects for each Group varies for each project.



Step Three:

Once the Group has formed, every prospect will then be entitled to enjoy the extra benefits.



Step Four:

The prospects can then proceed to purchase the property of their choice with the extra benefits.



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Bandar Puteri Puchong & Puchong Jaya

16 Sierra, Puchong South

IOI Resort City, Putrajaya

Bandar Puteri Bangi

03 8060 8833 03 8944 9999 03 8947 8899 03 8912 3333

The promotion is extended until 31 October 2017 only. Terms & conditions apply.


Bandar Puteri Puchong & Puchong Jaya    Rebate Up To (%)
Sky Condominium                                                            12.5
Pavilion, Serviced Apartment  12.5
Pavilion Exchange, Commercial 12.5
Seri Puteri Hills Condominium 13.0
Seri Puteri Hills Townvilla  14.0
16 Sierra, Puchong South Rebate Up To (%)
Dumalis, 2-Storey Superlink                                     12.0
Dumalis, 3-Storey Superlink                12.0
Sierra 6, 2-Storey Superlink 12.0
Sierra 6, 3-Storey Superlink 12.0
N'Dira, Townhouse 12.0
Avens, 2-Storey Terrace 12.0
Bandar Puteri Bangi Rebate Up To (%)
The Terresse 2, 2-Storey Superlink 12.0
Palmyra, Serviced Apartment                                   12.0
Almyra, Serviced Apartment 12.0
IOI Resort City, Putrajaya Rebate Up To (%)
Conezion Residences, Serviced Apartment              12.0