Sustainability Governance Structure


The Board of Directors oversees IOIPG's sustainability governance structure. The Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC) is chaired by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), assisted by the Head of Group Corporate Sustainability.

The SSC comprises senior management personnel of core business segments. It is responsible for steering the Group's sustainability strategy, reviewing policies and material sustainability matters, and monitoring sustainability performance. The SSC is supported by the Sustainability Council. Comprising business unit heads and cross-functional representatives who are head of departments and subject matter experts, the Sustainability Council assists the SSC in making informed decisions and implementing initiatives to achieve the Group's sustainability goals. The findings of annually performed gap analysis (sustainability performance comparison against applicable standards/framework and peer practices) are presented to the SSC to address gaps and improve the management of respective material sustainability matters.

Sustainability performance of the Group (which covers material sustainability matters such as climate change, health, safety and well-being, amongst others) is incorporated into the performance appraisal and remuneration appraisal of the CEO and Senior Management.

The Board’s oversight allows us to translate our sustainability strategies into effective execution of initiatives in the respective business units and departments of our business segments.

Stakeholder Engagement

We regularly engage our stakeholders in a continual and iterative manner to make informed business and management decisions. Insightful feedback from stakeholders are of paramount importance to the Group for continuous improvement in delivering excellent products and services. We initiated public surveys that assessed the perception of our stakeholders on sustainability. The surveys encompass the three pillars of sustainability i.e. social, economy and environment covering energy, water, waste & effluent, health & safety, labour practice, community investment, supply chain responsibility among others.



Sustainability Strategic Framework


IOIPG embraces the spirit of Lifestyle Influencer by embarking on a group-wide approach to initiate mindset shift towards increased awareness and ownership of sustainability practices through our work culture and business strategies. Our ground efforts and initiatives are guided by the Sustainability Strategic Themes of Mindset Change, Inspiring Women, Young Urbanites and Urban Green to achieve our 4 Sustainability Goals.