Our Initiatives

We seek to improve the well-being of our communities through programmes and activities that are aligned with the Group’s Core Purpose of Creating a Sustainable Future. In addition to our investments in infrastructure and facilities that enhance the surrounding environment for the communities, the Group also actively supports civil society organisation initiatives that contribute both to the environment and the local communities.

IOI Connects to Earth

IOI Connects to Earth is an umbrella campaign by IOI Properties Group (IOIPG) to create awareness on climate change mitigation and adaptation and biodiversity conservation. The campaign focuses on capacity building of our employees and our local community through pocket talks and workshops. we also invest in community programmes that are aligned to our campaign in schools and neighbourhoods within our townships.

This campaign aims to broaden the basis for an enlightened opinion and responsible conduct by individuals, enterprises and communities in conserving and enhancing the environment. Many of our community investments are directed to the young people in our communities - children and youth.

This campaign is an expansion from the "Nip it! at the source" campaign to minimise waste - food, single-use plastic, e-waste and textile waste. At IOIPG, we believe waste minimisation will positively impact the accelerated climate change and lost of biodiversity. Hence, much emphasis is given to generating awareness, increasing public participation and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Theses efforts project our Sustainability Strategic Themes of Mindset Change, Young Urbanites and Urban Green to introduce the spirit of sustainability and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Connect to Earth
IOI-Active Citizens Programme

IOI-Active Citizens Programme

The IOI-Active Citizens Programme is a collaborative project with the British Council that forms part of a global effort to create positive impacts within local communities. The programme kicked off with a workshop aimed at raising awareness among our employees to take a more active and participative role in the community.

Our Climate Action

In order to identify and evaluate climate-related risks and opportunities, IOIPG formulated a Climate Action Plan in FY2022 by adopting the TCFD recommendations. In accordance with the TCFD Framework, the action plan is made to operationalize our climate-related goals, such as energy management, the use of renewable energy sources, emissions management, water use management, waste management, and material use, among others. The identified TCFD-related metrics and targets will reinforce the indicators that are currently being tracked under the relevant material sustainability matters.

Our Climate Action