IOI Connects to Earth

IOI Connects to Earth

IOI Connects to Earth is an umbrella campaign by IOI Properties Group (IOIPG) to create awareness on climate change mitigation and adaptation and biodiversity conservation. The campaign focuses on capacity building of our employees and our local community through pocket talks and workshops. we also invest in community programmes that are aligned to our campaign in schools and neighbourhoods within our townships.

This campaign aims to broaden the basis for an enlightened opinion and responsible conduct by individuals, enterprises and communities in conserving and enhancing the environment. Many of our community investments are directed to the young people in our communities - children and youth.

This campaign is an expansion from the "Nip it! at the source" campaign to minimise waste - food, single-use plastic, e-waste and textile waste. At IOIPG, we believe waste minimisation will positively impact the accelerated climate change and lost of biodiversity. Hence, much emphasis is given to generating awareness, increasing public participation and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Theses efforts project our Sustainability Strategic Themes of Mindset Change, Young Urbanites and Urban Green to introduce the spirit of sustainability and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Candle Making Workshop

In conjuction with Earth Hour, IOIPG organized the upcycled candle making workshops among employees in hotels and malls. Used cooking oil from our own hotels were upcycled to produce tea light candles. These candles were lighted during Earth Hour in our hotels as a show of support for our planet.

Nature Therapy

In conjunction with Earth Hour, IOIPG collaborated with Society of Wildlife Malaysia (SOWM) to organise a night nature therapy session. This activity encourages both adults and children to appreciate nature and learn about biodiversity conservation.

Sharing Session With Mitsubishi Estate Co. Ltd

IOIPG arranged and interactive session with our Joint Venture partner, Mitsubishi Estate Co. Ltd. to share with us their sustainability experience. Mr. Yoshihiko Kikukawa and his team enlightened us on how sustainability designs and practices could  benefit business operations and at the same time enhance socio-economic and environmental aspects for urban development.

City Nature Challenge

IOIPG collaborated with Rimba, University of Malaya for the Klang Valley City Nature Challenge in Bandar Puteri Town Park. Various species of insects, birds and plants were observed and uploaded into the iNaturalist platform. The challenge enables us to get close to nature and observe the thriving urban biodiversity at Bandar Puteri Town Park.