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to be a LANDLORD
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<span>WHY</span><br>IOI Buy With Tenant

Why Choose
IOI Buy With Tenant?

This is the best time for you to buy a shop or office that comes with an existing tenant. You will also get to enjoy the perks below.


Prime Location
in Puchong & Bangi


Up to 6 %*
Rental Yield


Completed &
Tenanted Units


Hassle-free &
Be an Instant


Rental Income


Free MOT
Stamp Duty


Zero Interest
Financing Scheme*

No Repayment for 10 Years


Free SPA &
Loan Legal Fees


No Downtime between
Buying & Renting

<span>WHAT</span><br>Participating Projects

Participating Projects

Located in the bustling and prime commercial areas of Puchong & Bangi.

IOI Business Park
IOI Business Park
Bandar Puchong Jaya
IOI Boulevard
IOI Boulevard
Bandar Puchong Jaya
Skypod Square
Skypod Square
Bandar Puchong Jaya
Enigma Square
Enigma Square
Bandar Puteri Bangi

<span>HOW TO</span><br>Be A Landlord

How To Be A Landlord?

Get to know what are the requirements to be a landlord.


The IOI Buy with Tenant campaign allows you to own a tenant-ready commercial property that is located in Puchong and Bangi. These commercial properties come with a rental yield of as high as 6%*. These tenanted shops and offices also come with an active tenancy agreement.

IOI Properties will absorb the MOT stamp duty fee.

You can enter into this deal by paying a booking fee as low as RM1,000*.

The entire process from selecting, booking, applying for a loan, signing of the Sales &amp; Purchase Agreement (SPA) and Loan Agreement of your chosen property/unit only takes less than 3 weeks to complete!

By entering into this deal, you will take over the existing tenancy agreement together with the ownership of the property and enjoy instant rental income.

You can register your interest online by filling up the inquiry form here. Our team will then contact you within 24 hours via email or phone call (whichever method is more convenient for you) to share more details of IOI Buy with Tenant.

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